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Jono & Ben's 5 words game

Think you know what Jono & Ben are thinking...


Anyone who listens to Jono & Ben's 5 Words for $5,000 on the radio knows it's a wonderful word association game, like never before. Possibly more random than a social post after some wine!

Jono & Ben have generated five random words. Type in the first word that pops into your head and hit submit. Sound simple? Trust us, it's not.

You've got to match all five words picked by Jono & Ben to beat the game! But get just one wrong, and you'll have to start over. Perfect practice for when you're ready to play the real thing on the radio.

Let's put you to the test with Jono & Ben's 5 Words game.

  1. Click PLAY to reveal your 5 words.
  2. If your responses match, you win the chance to be called by Jono & Ben to play them on the radio.
  3. Share your score with your friends.

Match your response and win!

Read their minds!